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Welcome to Open Signal, your local media arts center. Join our community to learn video production skills, collaborate with our network of media artists, and produce your own content to air on cable TV. Start your media journey now!

Step 1: Orientation + Membership

Your journey at Open Signal starts with attending an orientation. We offer orientations monthly, both in-person and virtually. At orientation you'll become an Open Signal member and learn how we can best support your media journey. You can find dates and register to attend here. This step is a prerequisite for taking our media education classes and using our state-of-the-art equipment and studios.

Step 2: Learn!

As an Open Signal member, you can attend any of our free media education classes. Once you've completed a class, you'll become a certified producer — meaning that you can check out equipment or book time in our studios to start producing your own content! As a member you're also invited to our monthly member meet ups and special events, where you can network and find collaborators from Portland's vibrant media arts community.

If you'd like dedicated support on your media project, consider applying for our twice-a-year production cohorts.

Step 3: Create!

Now that you're a certified producer, you can check out field equipment or book time in our studios to start producing your content. Start a web series, work on that documentary you've always wanted to make, film a music video  — make it happen with the support of Open Signal's resource library. Get a crew together to start producing your project or find collaborators on Switchboard. Studio-certified producers are invited to get valuable behind-the-scenes experience through our weekly community-led productions, Open Playground.

Step 4: Broadcast Your Work on Our Cable Channels

Through our five cable channels, Open Signal broadcasts work made in our community 24 hours a day. On our channels you can find citizen journalism, independent films and TV shows from local voices — add yours! Submit your content for television broadcast to broadcast it to the world. Watch on your TV screen or stream online

Learn more about how to broadcast your content here.

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