Production Studios

Open Signal offers 2 industry-standard HD studios. Our HD production studios are available by-appointment for studio-certified producers, those in our programs or through rentals.

Studio Classes

If you'd like to get certified to reserve time in our studios for your production, take our Intro to Studio Production class. Once you've completed our four-session class AND volunteered on at least one community production, you'll be able to make advance reservations in Studio A or B.

Register for Intro to Studio Production here.

Wondering if our Studio classes are right for you? Attend a Studio Info Session to learn more!

Register for a Studio Info Session here.

Studio A

Studio A (pictured above) is a 2,000-square-foot space with five dolly-mounted Hitachi Z-HD5000 cameras, which you can quickly and smoothly maneuver into different positions, making shooting a multi-camera television show remarkably simple.

Directors can see what each camera is doing and perform live editing using Studio A's video switcher, which is capable of many effects, including split-screen, picture-in-picture and luminance or chromakeys.

Studio B

Want to make a show, but have no crew? Shoot in Studio B! Three robotic mounted Panasonic cameras can be controlled by a single operator in Studio B's control room, so that you can film a show all by yourself.

Pan, tilt and zoom from multiple angles. You can save presets so that previous camera positions can be returned to with the touch of a button.

“I don’t know how our organization could even be in existence today without the support Open Signal has provided over the years. Beyond the video editing skills that I learned there, Open Signal provided me with a platform, a new set of immensely useful skills and a framework of quality standards that inspired me to keep working on building the Jim Pepper Native Arts Council to where we are today.”